Hriamtlai Vial Te Hna Ka Sin Ah Ra Tuah Uh”Deihnak”Kan Pek Hna Lai

Hriamtlai Dihlak He Remdaihnak Kan Ser Lai I, Rampi Thimnak Kan Tuah Lai

Ralhrang bawizik Min Aung Hlaing hi alungdong pah ko cang rua hih. Ramchung hriamtlai vialte he remdaihnak kan ser lai i, rampi thimnak zong tha tein kan tuah lai. Cuticun kan ram kan thanchoter than lai tiah ati. Atu tiangah ralhrang he remnak/kahdohnak tuah lo dingin minthu mi hi tlangcung hriamtlai tlawmte lawng an si hna.



7 February 2022

Today, the 7th of February, is a powerful and symbolic day for Myanmar. The 75 years ago, at Panglong of Shan State, Bogyoke Aung San and the Shan, Chin, and Kachin leaders began negotiations to secure the independence of Myanmar from British rule. Little would they know that their negotiations would ring through the annals of history and continue to inspire and drive us today in our continued fight for freedom, Federal Democracy, and self-determination 75 years on.

What is important about the Panglong negotiations is that they underpin the very notion of a united and fiercely independent Myanmar not by suppressing the identities of the ethnic minority who enrich our nation, but by recognizing and empowering them. It is through respectful multilateral talks with many proud ethnic States that General Aung San and the ethnic leaders were able to forge an alliance, a united Myanmar “the Union of States”, opposed to monopoly rule, not partially or conditionally, but absolutely. The spirit of independence was such that not a single ruler could be accepted. Nothing short of total and complete Independence would suffice. And that spirit lives on today. Although our fight today is with the enemies and traitors within our nation, not foreign invaders, we still demand nothing less than the total and complete liberation of Myanmar from the military dictatorship, and this liberation we will achieve, no matter the cost, because we are united.

The Shan people, like so many of our brothers and sisters, have suffered for decades under a military that would not honour agreements, that would not respect ethnic rights, self-determination, and autonomy, that would not even allow ethnic minorities to preserve and further their own cultures and identities. The dictatorship has failed, for three quarters of a century, to listen to the voices, the will, and the dreams of the Shan people. The Shan National Day is a time for us to pause and reflect on the diversity which is our strength. To take a moment to appreciate the contributions out Shan brothers and sisters have made to fighting for a free and federal democratic Union of Myanmar. The Shan have a truly remarkable history, and Myanmar’s history is intertwined with that of the Shan people. The Shan were brave warriors who defended their homes fiercely, never being conquered by Bamar rulers. In the colonial era the Shan continued their courageous fight against rulers, and once independence had been secured, it was a Shan leader, Sao Shwe Thaik, who became the first president of an independent Burma. Shan leadership has shown itself to be strong, and wise.

Sadly, the contributions of the Shan people, key among them the Panglong agreement, have been swept aside by successive military dictatorships. Those same military powers who assassinated general Aung San in order to undo the valuable nation-building which took place so many years ago and replace the democratic government with their own brutal regime. Yet despite the years of of oppression, and freedoms stolen from the Shan people, we remain grateful that the Shan people and Shan State remain unshakeable. Steadfast in their resolve to liberate Myanmar once and for all. Let us look to their example and remind ourselves that it is through the courage and tenacity of the Shan, and all our proud ethnic brethren that we will overcome the hatred and oppression of the military.

On this day the Shan mark 75 years of struggle for freedom. On this day let us mark the last year of struggle and the first year of the Federal Democratic Union of Myanmar.

May God bless the brave Shan people; may God Bless the Shan State!


Dr. Sasa
Union Minister of the Ministry of International Cooperation
Spokesperson of the National Unity Government of Myanmar
Former Myanmar Special Envoy to the United Nations


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