Ralhrang Pawl Hakha An Phan Cang Hna

Ralhrang mawtaw Hakha an phan (English Below)

The Chinland Post | 2022 March 6 – Kalay in Hakha lei ah a kalmi ralhrang mawtaw thluan cu March 6 zaanlei sml 5:30pm hrawng ah Hakha khua chung an rak lut cang tiah thawng theih a si.

Khuami pakhat nih “Mawtaw thluan cu a sau bak. Pa zeizah an si bal kan rel ngam lo. Zaanlei mui lai ah khan an rak phan” tiah The Chinland Post ah a chim.

Ralhrang mawtaw thluan hi Falam le Hakha kar ah CNA, CDF le CNDF hna bawm in zarhkhat chung an kah hna caah a tlawmbik 60 cu an thi lai tiah thawng theih a si.

A junta military convoy of nearly 30 trucks have entered Hakha after having endured multiple attacks & casualties along the way for the past week. Reinforcement soldiers to be stationed with LIB 266, have killed at least 2 civilians & displaced more than half a dozen villages. – CHRO https://t.co/DyzL8rX4pz

Credit .The ChinLand Post


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