Rusia Ralbawi Rengsang Minung Pa 8 Cu Rianphuah An Si

General pariat cu raldohnak athat lo ruang ah Putin nih an ban/phuah asi, pathum athi fawn cang Putin chiatnak aphanter sual lai timi thin phang asi cang tiah,

Putin- raldohnak ah an cawlcang ning athat lo ruang ah ralkap Bawi General minung 8 hna cu banter/phuah dih asi, General dang hna he an thlen dih tiah Ukraine Defence Secretary Oleksiy Danilov nih achim, Ukraine an thuatnak ah Putin cu athinhunnak asang chinchin caah an Intelligence Agency hna cawlcang ning cu tha lo tiah puh in, Federal Security Service (FSB) hna cung ah a lungawi lonak alangter lio tiin, British Intelligence ah tuan mi Philip Ingram nih The Times news sin ah achim fawn, Ukrainian newspaper Ukrayinska Pravda nih an tarlan ning in Putin-nih hin an General 8 an banter hnu ah, adang General hna cu raldohnak hmai lei front line ah akal ter ati, Idoh ning tactic zong thlen than an tim, ahrocer ngai ngai ati, idohnak zong hi afak chinchin cang lai, Media Lian Reuters nih an tarlan ning in, Russia nih Ukraine an thuat hnu in atu tiang ah hin, Ukraine ralkap hmun pawimawh 3213 hrawng an hrawh piak cang tiah report ah langhter asi.

Russia ralkap Bawi General 3 nunnak aliam cang, Major General Andrei Kolesnikov -29th Combined Arms Army cu Russia ralkap pawimawh bik mi nihin ah raldohnak ah athi than cang, Major General Vitaly Gerasimov & Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky hna hi an thi cang fawn, Russia ralkap hna hi Kharkiv khuapi pawng, north east Ukraine ah Care Home an bomb chiat piak asi, Care home ah hin minung 330 an um, 63 hna lak chuah asi cang a dang 267 hna hi kawl lio asi, Mariupol lei ah ei/din, ti, sii/medicine hna an ngei ti lo, Russia ralkap hna nih an kulh dih cang an lung rethei ngai ngai hna cang, Putin nih Chernobyl hmang in chiatnak fakpi in tuah an tim tiin, Ukrainian intelligence hna nih an chim.

Ukraine’s intelligence service nih Putin cu Chernobyl hmang in mah cu san tlai ngai ngai in hman an tim an ti, Russia nih Chernobyl hi February 24 ah khan an lak cang, West pawl nih cun Chernobyl ruang ah hin Nuclear ah chiatnak fakpi in kan tuar sual lai timi hi tih anung ngai ngai khi asi, Russian-controlled Chernobyl nuclear power plant ah hin International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s monitoring systems zong pek chuah an si tiah an ti fawn caah asi, Wednesday ah khan IAEA hna nih Russia nih an lak cang mi ZNPP Zaporizhzhia power plant an contact khawh ti lo tiah, IAEA chief Rafael Grossi nih arak phuang cang, The Daily Telegraph report ning in, Russia ralkap hna cu Ukrainians lei nih an tlaih mi hna cu, an kuat piak asi ah cun ‘firing squad’ hna nih an kah piak sual lai tiah an tih ngai, Kyiv press conference ah Russia ralkap 2nd Motor Rifle Division nih ‘firing squad’ hna he an iton thiamthiam lai an ti.

In Russia, we are already considered dead,’ said one of the captured soldiers. ‘I was given the opportunity to call my parents and they told me that a funeral for me had already been arranged.If we are exchanged, then we will be shot by our own people.

NATO сhief: NATO alliance hna nih Russia sanctions dih ding in Turkey a chim piak, Turkey kan mah nih cun Russia kan Sanctions lai lo, Ukraine le Russia hna hi kan hawi tha veve an si, ibiakchawnhnak lam kan kawl piak ko lai,

Kremlin – Russia ram chung ah Facebook & Instagram hna hman khawh ti lo ding in an banned/stop piak dih cang,

Macron – European Union hna nih sanctions thar in Russia kan sep than lai, Cabuai cung ah duhnak thim ding ah tampi a um ko ati,

Ref: Reuters


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